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[English] GP Coast rules 
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Message [English] GP Coast rules
GP Coast : Rules and notes

First, sorry, we will not translate all announces, anyway most infos are always the same, so it's not really needed if you don't forget the main schedule. ;)

1. What is it ?

GPcoast is basically a fun tournament. You can just come and play some races, or play as many races as possible to compete in the individual classment, or be in a team and compete also in the team classment. Note than most GPcoast team are not really classic TM teams : most players are in the same group just for GPcoast, with a team name specific to GPcoast.

2. When is it ?

Races are driven each sunday at 18:00pm CET. Each time there are 2 races each, about 15min to 20min each, with a 2 or 3 laps warm-up, and a 5 min break between both maps, and 3 min to finish after the first.
Note: 18:00 is the warmup start, so come on the server earlier !

For the 6th season there will be 2 special cases where the same map (long laps) will be played 2 times. Habitually it's 2 different maps. We don't use race inscriptions any more, it was not really usefull because not all players registered.

GP Coast 8th season schedule.

3. Where is it ?

Races are on those servers :
- GPcoast A , hosted by GP-Race3 (France / Provence / Alpes maritimes)
- GPcoast B , hosted by GP-Race4 (France / Provence / Alpes maritimes)
- GPcoast C , hosted by GP-Race2 (France / Provence / Alpes maritimes), will be started only if the player number grow too much for 2 servers.

servers pass: gprace

4. Play on which server ?

The main idea is to play on the server which fit the best your level, not the fact that you have teammates on one server rather than the other ! If you do easily a top 20 (i mean with times just before the race, not 3 days before), you should probably play on server A. If you are top 10 or better you have to play on server A ! ;)
We don't like to make policy, so please try to even the number on players on servers as possible by yourself. Thanks.

5. Restarts ?

If we see that some player have a problem before the start, we wait him. If we see that one did not start or if a player anounce it within the first few seconds (mainly before the 1st or 2nd checkpoint) and if we see the message - don't forget that admins are playing too ! -, we are ok to restart. Else, just don't loose time asking a restart : play and make your best ! having lost 10s at beginning is not so grave, gaps are often far bigger than that at the end...

6. Skins ?

We strongly encourage to play with F1 cars skins ! At least, you must not play with a huge skin !
Btw the default skin is admited as it can't really be avoided.

7. Results ?

Individual points are based on nascar standing points, players positions are based on the time of the players on all used servers. A bonus is added (10 to 1) to players who made the best lap times during the race.

Team points are base on the best 3 team players, just adding their individual points (without bonus). A team bonus is added (10 to 1), based on the addition of the 3 players best lap times of the team (which can for each team be differents players than those who have the best final position).

As an example, you can look the final results of the 5th GPcoast season

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